What Your Decorated Christmas Tree Speak about You

Festive decorating habits of our Christmas tree reveal a lot about our lifestyles. Let us look at some popular decorated looks and what they reveal.

• A Lofty Norwegian Spruce

Reveals aspirational, determined to be poshest person. For example, the Duchess of Cambridge went for a locally-grown 9ft specimen for her Norfolk home. On a recent trip to a garden centre, she picked out reels of gold gauze, perhaps embracing this years on-trend colour theme of using only metallic and copper baubles and lights.

• Pop-up Christmas Tree, With Sewn-on Baubles

This depicts a person who sends out Christmas e-cards and who will be glued to his/her phone on Christmas Day. The decoration shows the person isn’t bothered doing the Christmas tradition.

• Fake Tree with Stringy Tinsel and Dismembered Baubles

Added with chocolate decorations depicts resolutely middle-class, a la Kate Winslet and Jane Asher. The person may struggle to find which faulty bulb is derailing the fairy lights. Can have sentimental decorations added for the children. Though not quite a thing, children would love the decorated tree. Has white lights, never colored or flashing. But a bashed-up angel on it is absolutely perfect.

• Brilliant white, Fibre –optic Plastic decoration

And groaning with baubles featuring images of the film’s heroines, Anna and Elsa. It depicts a lower middles class – and proud. Will attract starstruck stream of young girls to rush forward screaming.

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Xmasdeco.co.uk for Perfect Christmas Festivities

Christmas comes but once each year and kids need the best in life from parents in order to prove successful in the modern world. Xmasdeco.co.uk is your one stop online retail outlet for the most beautiful artificial Xmas trees to enhance the Christmas season in your home and allow you and the kids to celebrate the season with typical style and panache. Our luxury snow covered trees will remind you of the beauties and aromas of fresh pine trees covered in sparkling white snow and frost crunching under your feet. Simply add a touch of scented and coloured pot pourri to your festive decorations to ensure the smell of warmly mulled wines or baking Christmas pud is maintained within your home.

Your imagination will run riot as you decorate your luxury Xmas pine for the Holy Season and you can opt for a number of different trees if the snow covered pine is not to your fancy. Opt for traditionally shaped green firs or why not go the whole hog and choose a pre-lit tree to recreate the sparkling treasures that all families enjoy at this time of year. Baubles and ornaments are also available in a wide range of tantalisingly fantastic creativities.

Pre Llit Christmas Trees

There’s nothing more frustrating than unpacking your Christmas decorations only to find the Christmas tree lights are not working. It seems no matter how careful we are at storing away our prized possessions, they mysteriously malfunction when we finally put the plug in the wall socket. While most Christmas tree lights come with extra bulbs, finding the broken ones can be laborious and time consuming. Add in the hassle and stress of untangling yards of cable, and it’s easy to see how Christmas decorating can become a chore rather than a festive family tradition. Why not solve the problem once and for all this year by investing in a pre-lit Christmas tree at xmasdeco.co.uk

Our trees are made of PVC and are dark green in colour. They come in three sections that are easy to assemble. The branches open out evenly to give it that natural fir tree appearance. There’s an extra 125 cm of green garland included to decorate the metal base, and all our trees are fire-resistant. Sizes range from 120cm to 240cm; the smallest comes with 150 LED lights and the largest has an impressive 530 LED lights in total. There are two types of tree to choose from. If you fancy decorating your own from scratch, the basic tree might suit you best. If you want something with a bit more bling, our luxury trees make for eye-catching centerpieces. Prices range from £65.60 to £187.79 so there’s something for everyone at xmasdeco.co.uk

Snow Xmas Tree

If the festive snow can’t come to you, it can certainly come to your tree, with the help of a beautiful artificial snow covered tree from xmasdeco.co.uk.

These fire resistant PVC trees come in a range of sizes, from 120cm right up to a show stopping 240cm. You’re bound to find one which is the perfect fit for your location – whether that’s a cosy living room or a corporate office.

Thanks to their easy assembly three-layer structure, which also makes them really easy to store away, these trees look incredibly realistic, with pine-needle branches which just fall into place. The branches are made from a malleable wire, so you can bend them into more natural looking branch shapes if you wish. Each tree comes with a sturdy metal base, which you can cover with the provided garland, making the base look like another layer of branches.

You don’t need to worry about tangled strings of lights either, because this tree comes with its own built-in LED set. All you need to do is plug in the clearly labelled connectors, then choose from one of the seven pre-programmed illumination sequences. Add your own choice of baubles and decorations, and make your tree an eye catching centrepiece for your room.

Bring the joy of a winter woodland into your room this festive season with one of xmasdeco.co.uk’s snow covered trees.

Artificial Christmas trees

Christmas may still be a few months away but it will be here before you know it! Plan ahead and get organised now to beat that last minute rush by visiting xmasdeco.co.uk. With a fantastic range of festive products to inspire, you can order the ideal decorations for a perfect Christmas.

Choosing the right tree is often tricky: getting the size right isn’t always easy and whilst real trees look great and smell delightful, they are high maintenance and can often disappoint. There’s the logistics of transporting a real tree to their destination in the first place, then the question of what to do with it once the festive season is over. Many shed their needles and can rapidly lose that bushy lustre which was so impressive when it was bought. There’s nothing like your Christmas tree resembling a bauble on a stick to ruin that seasonal magic, so eliminate all those hassles with a gorgeous, life-like artificial tree.

The stunning selection available will bring radiance to any setting and complement a variety of style and colour themes. Unlike so many artificial trees which can look unrealistic, this is a fine quality collection resembling the closest thing to the real deal without the inconvenience. So forget about those shiny plastic artificial trees from the Seventies! Whether pre-decorated or plain for you to unleash your own creativity, an artificial tree from xmasdeco.co.uk will make you think twice before dismissing the idea and make your guests look twice, too!

The Christmas Tree Shop

It’s never too soon! Even before summer turns to autumn the countdown begins: ‘only XX shopping days to Christmas’! Well, why not? Start early, and do it on-line – the best way to beat the crowds!

The first item to buy is the very essence of Christmas – that jolly, twinkling, heart-warming, cheery icon of the Christmas spirit: the tree! Xmasdeco.co.uk is the website that is specialised in providing every type of Christmas tree to blend in with your décor and your decorations, and to fit cheerily into every home in the festive season.

There are three main categories of trees at xmasdeco.co.uk: decorated, plain and snow trees. The trees, which come in basic and luxury versions, are available in five sizes, from 120cm to 240cm. LED lights are incorporated into the trees which are made in fire-resistant PVC and carefully crafted to appear natural and authentic.

Plain trees are indicated for those families that already have decorations from previous years and just need a new tree. Snow trees answer the same need, with the added attraction of being (apparently) laden with snow. These trees hardly need decoration; they look frozenly fabulous just as they are!

Decorated trees come in a handy tree+decorations package, including abundant hanging balls and baubles, tinsel and snow. There are six colour schemes to choose from: golden mocca, green, purple, bordeaux, copper and silver. Whichever theme you choose, the results are tasteful and harmonious, the decorated tree bringing artistic and festive gaiety to the home.